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Italian Queens

Model #: /501-QA, /501-QMA

Italian Queens available for shipment or pick up beginning July 15th, 2014 (a later shipdate may be given if date is oversold). Queens may only ship by the United States Postal Service and are insured. Queens are shipped on Monday through Thursday. **Please specify the date you wish your queens to be shipped in the comments box.** 

Queen Installation Instructions & Guarantee **IMPORTANT TO READ**

Pros Cons
*Good beginner bee *Brood rearing continues after honey flow ceases
*Readily builds comb *Builds a great deal of brace and burr comb

*Light color worker, with dark queen makes

queen locating easier

*Highly prone to drifting
*Wonderful foragers *Heads butts beekeeper as defensive action
*Only moderate tendency to swarm *Short distance foragers, causing tendency to rob
*Relatively easy and calm to work with *Slow spring build up
*Strong cleaning behavior *Susceptible to disease
*Lower range propolis producer  


  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
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