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Mini Mating Nuc

Model #: 940

The advantages of using mini mating nucs for your virgin queens are the small number of bees that are required to fill them. The problem with mini nucs is getting this small amount of bees to draw out the comb. We have solved this problem by allowing you to place a half box above a full size colony with ten mini frames of foundation.

When the bees have drawn the comb, simply remove this half box and place on our custom designed screened bottom board that has two closable, opposing entrances. The lid for this half box has two bored-out holes to hold your feeder jars for feeding each individual nuc. There is also a half lid for covering the colony below. Charge these mini nucs with nurse bees and move your mating yard and add a virgin queen or a queen cell.


  • a half super
  • half screened bottom board
  • half feeder cover with caps
  • half solid cover
  • 8 mini top bars
  • one divider
  • one half super
  • 8 mini sheets of plastic foundation


  • Item Dimensions: 21.75" x 9.5" x 10.125"
  • Shipping Weight: 13lbs
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