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Bee-Urban Hive

Model #: A300

Designed specifically for those those that live in urban areas, the Bee-Urban Hive is made just for you! Surrounded by asphalt and tall buildings and you're enviromentally friendly or green leaning?  The Kelley Bee-Urban hive is a 7 frame hive for individuals who require or desire either a smaller footprint and/or lighter equipment.  Made of eastern white pine, our 7 frame Bee-Urban Hive includes 7 frame bottom board, inner cover, outer cover, (7) medium frames and (10) foundation sheets as well as an entrance feeder.  Designed for confined locations and easier maintenace, this complete urban hive is ready to get you started as a beekeeper and honey producer.

Click here to view the differences in frame styles.


  • Shipping Weight: 30lbs
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