15-Hour Votive Mold

15-Hour Votive Mold

Model #: MD-334

Product Description

Amaze your guests at your next dinner party with your own homemade votives. This durable, seamless metal mold will help you craft beautiful, flared candles that will burn for about 15 hours. Fits all popular votive containers.

  • Top diameter: 1-1/2 in.; bottom diameter: 3/4 in.; height: 1.94 in.
  • Holds about 1-1/2 oz. of wax per mold
  • Made out of heavy, seamless metal for many uses
  • Flared top of mold will give your votives a desirable look
  • Great for experimenting with different fragrances and colors without having to make a large batch

Recommended materials:pure filtered beeswax, 1/0 square braid wicks