2-Gallon Bucket Feeder

2-Gallon Bucket Feeder

Model #: FD132

Product Description

There's a reason this 2-gallon bucket feeder is a favorite of beekeepers everywhere. It has a large capacity, it's easy to use and its design helps protect the syrup from robbers. Use it to keep your bees fed when nectar sources are scarce. The feeder fits on top of the hole in your inner cover. Tiny holes punched in the lid allows bees to drink without syrup dripping down into the hive. Simply place the feeder on your inner cover, then add an empty hive body on top and replace the outer cover, and the feeder will be completely protected. 2-gallon (8-quart capacity).

  • 2-gallon (8-quart) capacity
  • Fits on top of the hole in your inner cover
  • Bees drink from the tiny holes in the lid
  • Creates a leak-free vacuum seal
  • Protects syrup from robbers