Package with Marked Russian Hybrid Queen

Package with Marked Russian Hybrid Queen

Model #: BE-310

Product Description

The Russian Hybrid Bee is commonly known to be more mite resistant than the Italian bee. Russian Hybrids are also docile like the Italian.

This package includes Italian bees and a laying marked Russian queen.

    Strengths of Russian honey bees:
  • Excellent at wintering (small cluster needs less food)
  • Resistant to varroa and tracheal mites
  • High honey yield (same or better than Italian bees)
  • Can rear massive amounts of brood in short times to closely follow times of nectar and pollen flow
  • Constantly maintain several supersedure queen cells for immediate queen replacement if the hive loses its current queen

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If temperatures are 90 degrees F or above, queens CANNOT be shipped.

Disclaimer:Kelley Beekeeping Co. does not guarantee that you will be able to successfully establish a colony or "hive" the package or nuc. You agree that you will not attempt to hold us responsible for whatever may happen to your package or nuc after it is delivered to you or for the survival or productivity of the hive that you may establish from the package or nuc. We do not guarantee that a queen or queens will be successfully introduced to or will be accepted by your hive. You agree that you will not hold Kelley Beekeeping Co. responsible for queen survival in your hive, or for the condition or productivity of your hive after introduction.

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