Fred Hembree

I am a Master Beekeeper certified through the Young Harris College/University of Georgia Beekeeping Institute. I first became fascinated with honeybees as a little boy when I was asked to help my grandfather harvest honey on a rural Tennessee farm. As a young adult, I was given Walter T. Kelley’s book called, How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey, which I read numerous times until I felt confident enough to begin an apiary on my own. Now a third-generation beekeeper, I have written articles for Bee Culture and Farming magazines. I have presented workshops for numerous beekeeping associations and at state and regional beekeeping conventions. I am certified as a Welsh Honey Judge and a member of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association.

I am married to Dr. Debra Church, a Young Harris College/UGA Certified Beekeeper. Together, we enjoy working bees, catching swarms, harvesting honey and sharing our knowledge of beekeeping with others. We take pleasure in managing our apiary and producing local honey for sale.

In the tradition of Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth, I am also a clergyman apiarist. I earned the Doctor of Ministry degree from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia and am an ordained minister. I am currently serving as the Senior Pastor of First United Methodist Church in Springfield, Tennessee.