Narrower Frames, an Update

By Camilla Bee, Editor

Last month we featured an article on narrower frames, reviewing their advantages and the philosophy behind them. We asked for feedback, as we’re considering producing them commercially. We hope to have an answer as to whether we can do them or not, and if so, how soon they’d be available, by our next newsletter.

Here is one of the emails we received; we’re sharing it because it includes other observations about them. If you’d like to chime in (or would that be ‘buzz in?’), we’d appreciate your input as we assess the need. Please send it to, thank you in advance.

[quote style="1"]I would appreciate it if these narrower frames were available from your company. Presently I make many of my own frames and some of my other equipment. I like using wooden frames with 1-1/4” wide end bars that also include 7/8” wide top bars with a comb guide in my brood nests and don’t like not being able to purchase them, especially from your company—I’ve always preferred your wooden frames to any other commercially produced frames.

I use many different frames, and have discovered that the bees seem to have no difficulty when frames of different spacings are used together.”
(J. Clemens)[/quote]

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