Healthy Bees


May 30, 2013 | Michael Bush | Healthy Bees

By Michael Bush Editor’s Note: We ran this article a year ago. It is so helpful we wanted to repeat it. We are coming into the time of year that you’ll be doing inspections and finding queens that are failing, missing, or you’re not sure what the deal is but you think some hives are queenless. The Read more >

Honeybee Colony Losses in the United States, Winter 2012-2013

May 30, 2013 | Healthy Bees

By Camilla Bee, Editor The Bee Informed Partnership annually surveys beekeepers on winter losses, and recently released preliminary information. More information may be found at; information will also be updated as it is developed. Learning about honeybees is a life-long endeavor. We Read more >

Varroa Mites: Control Them Now

May 30, 2013 | Healthy Bees

By Gary S. Reuter, Apiculture Technician Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota   An important item for overwintering is to ensure mite levels are low—for sure by the end of August. You need to have at least one round of brood raised without mites in the cells to assure healthy winter Read more >

Streaked Honey/Dysentery

May 30, 2013 | Healthy Bees

By Meghan Milbrath, PhD Research Associate, Department of Entomology, Michigan State University There is nothing worse than opening an overwintered hive to find the bees dead and the equipment streaked and spotted with bee feces—dark brown splatter on top of frames, on the front of the hive, and Read more >