Why Do We Keep Bees?

Earlier this year, we asked readers three questions.

1. What’s one thing you wished you’d known / understood when you started keeping bees?
2. What do you like / dislike about this newsletter?
3. Why do you keep bees?

We received several hundred responses that made us laugh, cry, and appreciate everyone who works to help our favorite insect. We’ll continue to share them, and still welcome your answers if you didn’t previously participate. Our free magnet offer is over, but our interest remains. Please send your answers to KelleyBeesEditor@gmail.com.

I love Bees, I love honey, and I like to make a little money. I like to extract the wax from the comb, and then burn it in my home. It smells so sweet, and all my friends think it’s neat. When people call and say “I have a swarm!” I show up and take them home.So this is why I keep bees. I wished I had more.

Wesley, Kansas

Judy, from Indiana, shared:

Because I love to watch them work so hard for the purpose of the whole colony survival and of course that sweet gift they give us—honey.

Ronnie, from West Virginia, said:

When I first started

it was for honey, now I would still do it without any honey; my garden does superb every year thanks to my little friends. I could inspect hives all day; I just enjoy being around them.

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