Universal Nailing Device

Take the hassle out of assembling frames with our Universal Nailing Device, item # 80-S.  This product is not only handy but a time saver.  It comes equipped with a reversible spacing board so you can assemble either grooved (9/16”) or regular (3/8”) end bar frames.  This device allows you to assemble 10 frames at one time.  While the device holds the end bars in an upright position and at the proper distance apart, you are able to position the top and bottom bars in place for nailing with ease and in record time.  This is a product you don’t want to be without if you are assembling frames.

 The Universal Nailing Device is fully assembled and ready to use.

 Insert the space board in the correct position needed for your frame style in the slots provided on either side. 

  1. Roll down the padded boards and insert 10 end bars on each side, wide-side up.  Then roll the padded boards back up to hold them snuggly in place.
  2. Firmly fit together the top bars onto the end bars. (You may use a rubber hammer to tap lightly if needed to secure them in place.) 
  3. Turn the device upside down and fit together the bottom bars onto the end bars.  Nail bottom bars in place.
  4. Turn the device to its original position and nail the top bars in place. 
  5. Turn the device on either side to drive a nail through the end bar and back up through the top bar. (This is an important nail and will hold your frames together when you are prying your frames out of the hive body or super.)
  6. When the frame is complete, turn the device upside down and roll padded boards down to release frames.  (Move device in an upwards position to free frames.  Spacing boards will be located loose on the inside of the frames.  Turn device right side up and insert the spacing boards back into place.)  You are now ready to start a new batch of frames.

 Whether you are assembling frames for one hive or fifteen, the Universal Nailing Device is a great investment at a great price. 

 By Amy Mann

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