How to Cross Wire Foundation

Cross wiring foundation is a good practice for wax foundation. It keeps the foundation straight for the bees to build comb on and provides strength and stability. At first, cross wiring can be a daunting task, however after a few frames you’ll become a pro.

Tools you will need: Wiring device (Item No: 159-S), Eyelet Insertion Tool (Item No: 167), Brass Eyelets (Item No: 166-A), Tinned Wire (Item No: 157-A), hammer, needle-nose plyers, and side (wire) cutters.

Once you have assembled your frames now is the time to insert your brass eyelets. The reason for using eyelets is so the tinned wire doesn’t cut into the wood of the frame. Installation of the eyelet is very easy.

  1. Simply place an eyelet on the eyelet insertion tool and firmly press into the side of the end bar on the frame.  There will be holes predrilled in the end bar for eyelet insertion.
                     Eyelet insertion tool                                  Eyelet Being put into the end bar


2. Once all the eyelets have been inserted, it is time to start cross wiring. You will need two 11/16 inch nails. These nails will be the tie off point for the wire. You will sink the nail, halfway, on the front side of the end bar. Again, don’t hammer the nail all the way. Hammering it half way should be adequate.

3. Now with the wire on the wiring device, take the wire and run it through the eyelet at the top of the frame, run it across the frame and through the opposite eyelet. Then, loop it through the second from top eyelet, and run it back across the frame and through the opposite end eyelet.

4. One end of the wire should be wrapped around the nail. Now using the needle-nose plyers, pull the opposite wire tight! As your keeping tension on the wire, wrap it around the same nail. Once you’ve done that, you can hammer the nail the rest of the way into the end bar.

 5. Any excess wire hanging from the nail can be trimmed off with some side (wire) cutters. If you are doing deep frame you will have to do this process twice. If you are cross wiring shallow or medium frames this process will only be done once. 

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