Open Air, er, In-A-Langstroth Hive

By Camilla Bee, Editor

Carl from Missouri shared this adventure with us.

He found this open air hive, which he’s since named Cedar Bees, in the top of a 30-feet plus tree. Carl’s ladder tops out at 28 feet.

Capturing these beautiful bees involved strapping the ladder to the tree, some trout line for tying the limb loppers and smoker to the ladder so not to drop them, and luck. Carl noted that to cut them down he had to hold the branch with one hand and use the limb loppers with the other. That would leave, well, no hands holding him to his perch on the ladder 28 feet in the air.

The swarm weighed 25-30 pounds. Carl took his time carrying them back down the ladder, one gentle step at a time.

When he arrived back on earth, sweet earth, he put them in several empty honey supers, required to hold their comb.

He reports that two months later they are still doing well.

Carl, thanks for sharing, although we should probably not encourage folks to capture swarms from such precarious locations!

Readers, thanks for making us part of your beekeeping adventures. We’re always interested in your thoughts, recommendations and photos; send them to

Does anyone suspect that maybe bees are wanting to get their picture in the newsletter, and are thus posing in all sorts of extreme locations?

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