ABF & AHPA Annual Conventions

By Former CEO


Kelley’s again was able to enjoy heading out to San Diego, CA and Hershey, PA to learn, laugh, and visit with the wonderful bee community.

Earl, Jennifer, and Eric attended the Hershey ABF’s 71st annual convention, where the chocolate and seminars were flowing freely. From Honey Queen Activities, Bees & Kids, Serious Sideliners, and honey-related judging, there was a multitude of excellent topics. All who attended raved about the speakers and great information from Mike Palmer’s “The nuc is the future” offered to sideliners, to Mark Carroll “Fungicides on Honey Bees” offered in via the Commercial SIG agenda, just to name a few. Larry Connor wowed the crowd as always with “The Importance of Drones” in the Honey Producer/Packer SIG Agenda. Always a great topic, David Tarpy presented  “Better Queens, Better Colonies” in the Small Scale/Sideliner SIG Agenda. For more ABF information visit http://www.abfnet.org/index.cfm.

I headed to San Diego for the 44th annual AHPA Convention & Tradeshow where the temperatures that are normally warm, sunny, and enjoyable took a (terrible) turn, and ended up to be 20 degrees cooler than those in Hershey! The talks were informative and ranged from Mr. David Fossland “Lake Thompson: 100 years of Beekeeping”, and Dr. Robert Danka “Breeding for Varroa Resistance” to Monsanto and Bayer. I met with Veto-pharma and learned more about their company and the products we carry to combat Varroa mites. Research shows this to be a real winner. All the usual characters were present, Adee family, Smoots, Oliverez, Cowens, and many familiar faces from across the country. Also, some new beekeepers—good luck to young opera singer Wendy and her new endeavor to keep bees this spring. To follow AHPA information visit http://ahpanet.site-ym.com/?page=2013Convention.

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