Women Beekeepers

By Camilla Bee

I met Jackie when we both attended a great presentation on wax working at a state meeting. In the discussion that followed, we commented on how rare it was to find a male presenting candle-making information, and how it was even rarer to find classes at meetings aimed at women as beekeepers, because we both felt there are things unique to how women do it.

“Many of us do it differently,” noted Jackie, who then shared information on her women’s group. They have a fascinating approach.

Over the years I’ve kept bees with lots of females, and lots of males. In my experiences, there are great differences in how we keep bees. I’m not sure the lines should be drawn based on gender, or age, or maybe instead on size of the apiary (I’ve noticed commercial beekeepers are all about getting into the hive and getting on with it, for example.) 

In March Charlotte Hubbard, author of the column always at the end of this newsletter, will facilitate a discussion on women and beekeeping at the Michigan Beekeeper’s Association Spring Conference. She’d GREATLY appreciate your input:

  1. Are there differences in the way women keep bees versus men?

  2. What are they?

  3. Why do you think they exist?

  4. Any other thoughts on the subject?

Please send them to KelleyBeesEditor@gmail.com (and soon, please!). 

We will sure to share your input in the future, and at the March meeting.

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