New York Kelley’s Dealer

“We’re Here, We Love It, Come On In!”


When Kimberly Carpenter was a little girl, she’d peek around the corner of the barn to watch her grandmother tend bees. Kimberly always wanted to get closer, but Grandma wouldn’t allow it. She would however share in another joy of beekeeping—fresh honey still in the comb. 

Those delicious memories, and the mystery of the hives, stayed with Kimberly. When, as an adult, she spied a beginner beekeeping class, she quickly signed up. She wanted to find out why beekeeping had been so important to her grandmother.


The rest is history. From two hives the first year to well over 100 now, and with a full plate of beekeeping, bee promoting and beekeeping supplies on a booming hobby farm, Kimberly is as busy as a bee. “You can never have just one hive,” she noted.

Hungry Bear Farms,, has been a Kelley’s dealer for a few years now, an easy decision for them. “All the old timers recommended Kelley’s to us,” Kimberly said. “We love being able to offer our customers such a comprehensive line of quality products.” 


Located at 699 South Main Street, in Canandaigua, New York, the store sells beekeeping supplies along with seasonal eggs, local produce, maple syrup and of course, honey—cut comb, honey straws, creamed, raw, etc.  Bees are their passion, so they also offer beekeeping classes and beekeeping mentoring services—from site consultations to make sure everything is looking good, to even caring for your hives when you are not able.

Comb honey, a childhood favorite of Kimberly’s, is another reason they are a Kelley’s dealer. “The basswood boxes for comb honey!” She answered when asked about her favorite Kelley’s products. 

photos of Kelley's comb honey kit and top bar hiveKimberly also raves about Kelley’s top bar hive (TBH). Hungry Bear Farms proudly keeps bees all naturally, and many of their customers are thrilled with the TBH because it seems a more holistic way to manage bees. 

The Walter T. Kelley Company may be in Clarkson, Kentucky, but there’s a dealer in New York, happy to be the source for the reputable beekeeping supplies it manufactures. We encourage you to stop by Hungry Bear Farms if you’re in the area.

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