Healing Honey

By Lady Spirit Moon

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it draws. This drawing power is why it is excellent for open wounds.

My grandson had a deep scratch on his ankle where he had poison ivy, with white bumps on the edge of the wound. The white bumps meant infection was ready to set in. I put raw honey on the wound then placed a Band-Aid on top. Because of honeybees putting hydrogen peroxide in the honey and the honey being hygroscopic, all bacteria were killed on the edges and any infection in the wound was drawn out.

This Band-Aid was put on at 5 p.m. The next morning around 11 a.m. I asked to see the Band-Aid and was told it was gone. Looking at the wound, the ugly red was replaced with a healthy pale pink color, the wound had closed, and all signs of infection were gone. Honey’s density will not allow air to get to the wound. The wound not having to deal with bacteria in the air allows the body to heal the wound from within; thereby, healing faster.

Editor’s Note: Lady Spirit Moon is an ambassador for the Center for Honeybee Research. We featured the Center in an article in last month’s issue, and are making it easier for our readers to help the Center help honeybees. The Walter T. Kelley Company will donate a dollar for every contribution our readers make, so please donate today and know your dollar will go a bit further because of our continued interests in helping bees. Thank you!

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