Buzzing in Your Pocket

By Camilla Bee, Editor

I love the cartoon where a beekeeper freaks out because there’s a buzzing in the pocket of his bee suit…until he realizes that it is only his cell phone. Been there!

Thanks to a new app, you can now have bees harmlessly buzzing in your pocket. Called “Honeybees!”, this beautiful app is available for iOS devices, including the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app covers a broad spectrum of beekeeping information, from why you should keep bees, to their health (and yours), to commonly asked questions and fundamental information on beekeeping.

I especially appreciate the “Bee Biology” section. Like many beekeepers, I’ve experienced the phenomenon of being in a social situation when people learn I’m a beekeeper, and I’m then swarmed by folks with lots of questions. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and there are some excellent photos in this app, including this one of eggs at the bottom of cells, and this one of bee larvae.

I’ve found this section particularly helpful when I review the life stages of the honeybee with others, along with the one on related insects so I can show kids the differences between the darlings that we love and the other often nasty stinging insects.

The app is optimized to take advantage of the iPad’s large display and both retina versions of the iPhone and iPad. This includes full resolution pictures that display remarkably well on the large retina display of the new iPad and the iPhone. Honeybees is available in the app store worldwide at:!/id365844999?mt=8

Honeybees! was developed by Dan Sefton, a computer professional by day and a beekeeper / programmer on the side. Dan’s developed a number of apps for the iPhone, including HoneyBees!, where he attempts to share his experiences through photos and descriptions of beekeeping.

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