Thank You for Helping Us Make a Difference

Your bees need food and shelter, and we at The Walter T. Kelley Company are honored that you turn to us to for such essentials. We work hard to provide quality equipment and products at competitive prices.

Because of your loyalty, and to continue a key principle of the late Walter T. Kelley’s, we contribute a percent of profits to charitable causes. Our company is headquartered in Clarkson, Kentucky, and recently, we’ve supported many local organizations via donations to help secure food and shelter for those in need.

If you’ve visited Kelley’s, or talked to us on the phone, hopefully you’ll agree that we’re extremely friendly folks. It comes easy; we’re located in an area of friendly, caring folks. Here are a few photos from Clarkson’s annual Honeyfest, a celebration of honey, honeybees, and the people who love them.

If you’ve read back issues, you know our charitable efforts have extended far beyond our local community at times—supporting bee research, promoting bee awareness, supplying equipment to new beekeepers, and helping beekeepers both in the USA and different countries.

Thank you for helping us make a difference.

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