Fundraiser Photos

Lost too many hives? Pouring rain and can’t work your bees? Looking for something else to do because your spouse says 50 colonies is enough?

We thought we’d inspire you by sharing photos of hives used in a fundraiser at the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association state meeting. Some were just displayed, and folks could vote using money, with proceeds going to a local charity. Others were also auctioned off to raise money. Kelley’s also donated a beautiful, four story Kentucky Special, treated with ECO Wood natural stain, along with all the frames and beeswax, totally ready—just add bees.

Stephen Tilmann, MBA Treasurer, shared the following.

“There were three garden hives donated for the live auction (in addition to the standard commercial hive donated by Walter T. Kelley).


Here are a few factoids regarding these hives:


Observation hive: The display riser was built from a window Jerry got out of an old building. The wood was from a barn demolition (Jerry is a carpenter). The display riser can hold 3 deep or 4 medium frames. An entrance port was included, so the buyer only needed to hook up a 1½" tube to complete the job. The lower box is a standard 10-frame deep box.


ENT Tree hive: This has two, 8-frame mediums for the boxes. The face and the queen bee plaque were hand-carved. The wood veneer is black walnut. The hive features a western red cedar hive stand, a cedar screened bottom board (with slide out sampling tray) and a ventilated top cover.


Grandpa’s Barn hive: This hive has two boxes, each 8-frame mediums. The entire hive is constructed of western red cedar. The telescoping top cover is ventilated with a functional cupola on top. The lower front hand hold is cover by a hinged double door, which can open to reveal the hand hold. The hive included a hive stand, screened bottom board with slide out sampling tray. There is a queen bee ‘hex’ side on the front gable of the roof.”

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