AHPA & AFB—Advancing Honeybees


The American Honey Producers Association (AHPA) 43rd Annual Convention was held in Phoenix, Arizona, January 4-8, 2012. The Walter T. Kelley Company was in attendance, supporting the work of AHPA through advertising and donations of products for auctioning.

Bobby Coy of Arkansas received the coveted AHPA “Outstanding Achievement Award” for his years of service to the industry. Bobby founded Coy Honey Farms in the 70s and now operates more than 12,000 hives with his 3 sons. Bobby served several terms on the AHPA Executive Board; his son Steven is now serving on the Executive Board.

Ron and Pam Phipps of CPNA, New York, received the “Friend of Industry Award”. Ron and Pam, who are honey importers, have provided a lot of crucial information to AHPA which has been valuable in the Anti-dumping Suit brought against illicitly imported honey. Ron also writes the invaluable “International Honey Market Report”. Pam is the researcher who gathers much of the information for Ron’s articles and for the AHPA.

The Convention started out with an afternoon Parasite Monitoring and Treatment Strategy workshop led by Randy Oliver, one of the most sought after beekeeper/scientists in the industry. A free welcome reception meal was provided by industry sponsors.

The AHPA Trade Show was one of the largest in AHPA history with vendors from all aspects of the industry.

Across the hall from the Trade Show was the General Session that includes speakers from all the major USDA Bee Labs, scientists from universities, and representatives from the federal government concerning honey importation and others involved in the industry. The meetings were very well attended.

AHPA’s 2013 Convention is scheduled for January 8-13, in beautiful San Diego, CA. Go to www.ahpanet.com to get more information about AHPA and next year’s convention.

AHPA is a producer group with focus on the economic interests for the commercial beekeeper, the sideline beekeeper, and the hobby beekeeper who are interested in a profitable business, whether that business is 1 or 2 hives, or 80,000 hives.


Kelly’s similarly supports the American Beekeeping Federation, sponsoring both the American Honey Show, and donating a $250 merchandise certificate for the Great Galveston Sweepstakes at the 2011 ABF annual conference. The sweepstakes is a very successful fundraiser that helps ABF on programs to serve our membership and the industry throughout the year.

The ABF is a national organization that continually works in the interest of all beekeepers, large or small, and those associated with the industry to ensure the future of the honey bee. Our members share a common interest to work toward better education and information for all segments of the industry in the hope of increasing our chances for survival in today’s competitive world. For more information, check out abfnet.org.

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