What Should Bee Happening?

By Camilla Bee, Editor

If you started bees from a package, you’re probably wondering if what’s happening in your hive is normal and appropriate. That answer varies widely by when they were started, the weather they’ve had since, and what’s available for forage in your location.

While there are plenty of variables, there are still some key milestones. Within about two weeks of installation, you should be able to find eggs, and perhaps even some capped brood. Some comb should be drawn.

Scott Keller, of Portage, Michigan, shared progress of his package bees installed on Langstroth equipment toward the end of April.

We’ve added comments to his photos to help folks understand what they show.

If the weather is favorable, what bees can do in a month is jaw-dropping. Kelley’s employee and beekeeper Amber Walls shared these photos of her top bar hive’s progress in a month—last year. May 2012 was more favorable for rapid hive expansion that 2013’s was.

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