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Brood 101

May 29, 2012 | A Bee Cs

This section of our newsletter shares beekeeping basics. We’ve received a lot of questions about brood; hopefully these photographs will help clarify. Read more >


April 26, 2012 | Michael Bush | A Bee Cs

Editor’s Note: Each month, we review some bee basics for our newbee readers. As it’s swarm season, we’ve turned to a couple of experts to review basics. Michael Bush: Swarming 101 Swarming is when the old queen and part of the bees leave to start a new colony. Afterswarms are after the old queen Read more >

Beekeeper Question: What’s This?

April 26, 2012 | Walter T Kelley Co. | A Bee Cs

A relative newbee found this in her second year hive. She assumes it is a group of supercedure queen cells, but wonders why they want a new queen because it is a strong hive. She noted that: A month ago the hive had a great brood pattern extending over 5-6 frames. Now there’s a great brood pattern Read more >

The Honey Bee Family

April 26, 2012 | Walter T Kelley Co. | A Bee Cs

From How to Keep Bees & Sell Honey by Walter T. Kelley A good hive should have approximately 30,000 workers or preferably more. The workers do what their name implies. Each worker bee has a special pouch called a honey bag or sac inside its body and they suck up the nectar from the flowers with their Read more >