When is a good time to replace old brood frames?

Q: I have had a hive for about three years, and they say you should remove some of the brood frames and replace with new ones because of pesticides. When is a good time to do this? I am in mid-Georgia. Thanks, Gordon

A: A Kelley employee answered this one for us.

You can slowly introduce new frames to the outside of the box rotating inwards. Do not remove frames with brood.


If you put the year on your frame, and are interested in rotating out every frame every 3-5 years it will allow you to identify easier when the frame should be rotated out.


We say “frame”, but the goal is to remove the wax which can contain a build-up of pesticide residue. Thus, if you have to replace the wax anyway (damage from a rodent or from extraction), it will count as “new”. 


If you don’t want to mark the date on the frame, a reader shared that they use a thumbtack colored with the queen color for the year, so they know the year that frame went in service.

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