Any issues with the plastic queen excluders?

Q. Has anyone had any issues with the plastic queen excluders such as lower production for the supers after the excluder? Maybe the workers can’t get through with the pollen? Also, are screen inner covers that helpful during the summer months? Thanks. —David C.

A. Beekeepers are divided on the topic of queen excluders. Many wouldn’t put on a honey super without first installing a queen separator; many don’t like them because they can impede the bees’ progress. (They’re often referred to as “honey excluders.”) Your call, but if you encounter brood on a frame you want to extract, you can first cut it out.

Good ventilation is critical, year ’round. Some beekeepers prefer a vented super. You can also let the heat off the hive with small sticks raising the inner cover (like a popsicle stick, plus there’s the added bonus of first having to eat the popsicle), a hot air escape, a screened inner cover (shown below), etc.


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