Any reasons I shouldn’t consider making a split now?

Kelley’s beekeeper  fielded this question for us, answering:
Do you have drone brood? Remember, from egg lay it will be 38 days for a drone to be mature. A queen’s fertility starts at 23 days from egg. You can try to pin a drone down with your finger and if he struggles hard to get away he is probably mature.

You only need put about ½ frame of brood in different stages into a nuc. Remember you must have eggs on that frame for them to have a good shot at making a healthy queen. They make their best ones from larvae that are between 4-20 hours old. So the recipe is:


    • Brood frame with clinging nurse bees.


    • 1-2 frames of stores placed on either side and fill in the ends with drawn blanks.


    • Shake an additional 2 frames of nurse bees on top of the frames in the nuc.


    • Spray them down with 1-1 syrup but don’t drown them.


    • Reduce the entrance.


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