What should I do to prevent yellow jackets from attacking my hives?

July 31, 2013 | FAQs

Q. I have a Kiefer Pear tree that is always loaded and lots of them rot on the ground, attracting yellow jackets. Because of an early warm spell followed by hard freezes, 2012 was one of only two years in fifty that it did not bear. As soon as it froze in the fall and the honeybees clustered, the yellow Read more >

Is there a good reason to leave two queens in a hive?

July 31, 2013 | FAQs

Q. I’ve heard that about 20% of hives have two queens in the summer. Got one of those. I was showing a 10-year-old and his Dad a hive, and pointed out our marked queen. Of course it was the kid who asked “well, what’s that other long bee then?” Is there a good reason to leave two queens in a Read more >

A lot of sugar water is in my honey. Should I throw it away or refeed it back to the hive?

July 31, 2013 | FAQs

Q. Hello, this is my first year at beekeeping. I read Beekeeping for Dummies and have researched a lot of websites to get the knowledge needed to raise a healthy hive. I received a package of Italian bees on April 20th. I fed them 1:1 ratio of sugar water every day for this is the information I was seeing Read more >

Is there a method to clean and restore leather bee gloves?

June 28, 2013 | FAQs

Q. I have a question to which you may have the answer: Do you know of a method for cleaning and restoring the flexibility to cowhide leather bee gloves? I have an excellent pair of bee gloves that is so inflexible that they cannot be used. Please give me any information that you may have. —G. A. Readers? Read more >