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9-Frame Honey Extractor

Model #: 3100-H, 3100-HL, 3100-LK, 3100-P, 3100-PL

Hand-Crank: Constructed of 20 gauge stainless steel that measures 18 1/2" in diameter and 24 1/2" in height. Extracts 6 medium/shallow radially and 3 deep/medium tangentially. This model is hand-cranked and non-reversible. Features a 1 1/4" brass flange 1 1/4" gates.

Leg kit sold separately. Extractor with or without leg kit is available.

Power-Driven: Same qualities as the hand-cranked model, but comes equipped with a Parvalux direct drive gear motor and speed control. Includes 1 1/4" gates. 

Choose between hand-crank and power-driven and if you would like the leg kit included.


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