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Double Boiler Tank

Model #: 202, 203, 202-K, 203-K

In preparing extracted honey for market, heat your honey to 150˚ F and then bottle warm. This should prevent the honey from crystallizing under normal conditions for about 3 months. The honey outlet is a 2" brass flange. We recommend a ball valve for creamed and strained honey. Mixing paddles are sold separate and will cut the heating time in half. Paddles include motor mount, pulleys, and crossbar. Specify shaft size when ordering. Covers sold separate but must be picked up or shipped with boiler. Forty-gallon tank measures 21" diameter x 29" height. Requires immersion heater, sold separately. 

Select Cover and Mixing Paddle if desired.

There is a Lead Time of 2 Weeks on all Metal Products.

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