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Cordovan Italian Queens

Model #: /503

Cordovan Italian Queens available for shipment or pick up beginning July 22nd, 2014 (a later shipdate may be given if date is oversold). Queens may only ship by the United States Postal Service and are insured. Queens are shipped on Monday through Thursday. **Please specify the date you wish your queens to be shipped in the comments box. ** 

Queen Installation Instructions & Guarantee **IMPORTANT TO READ**

Pros Cons
*Usually found in strains of Italian honeybees *Consume large amounts of food in winter
*Attractive coloration make queen location less difficult *Italian cordovans may perform poorly under cold wet conditions
*Superb comb builders *The cordovan trait is recessive
*Very gentle  
*Coloration trait is useful in open mating based on breeding programs  
*The cordovan trait may be bred into any race of honeybee  


This product is not currently available.

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