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Carniolan Queens

Model #: /507

Carniolan Queens available for shipment or pick up beginning July 22nd, 2014 (a later shipdate may be given if date is oversold). Queens may only ship by the United States Postal Service and are insured. Queens are shipped on Monday through Thursday. **Please specify the date you wish your queens to be shipped in the comments box. ** 

Queen Installation Instructions & Guarantee **IMPORTANT TO READ**

Pros Cons
*Earlier morning forager *Swarns easily when no expansion room is
*Forages on colder and wetter days than most other bees *If pollen is scarce brood rearing greatly diminishes
*Overtwinters well on small stores, as queen stops laying in the fall *Low ability to thrive in hot summer weather
*Rapid build up in early spring   
*Exceptionally gentle and easy to work   
*Brood production is dependant on availability of supplies, hence more food more forages, less food, smaller population   
*Less susceptible to brood disease   
*Creates less brace & burr comb   

This product is not currently available.

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