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Queen Cage Syrup

Model #: 258, 258-C

Also known as invert sugar, used to make candy for queen cages. This sugar is preferred because it is slow to crystallize and retains moisture longer. 

Recipe for Making Queen Cage Candy:

Ingrediants: Numoline Syrup or HFCS-Corn Syrup, Powdered Sugar (6X)

Make candy in low humidity if at all possible. This will prevent "running" or extra soft candy that won't stay in place.

Recipe: Pour sugar in bowl making a well in the center and start adding nulomoline syrup. Mix with a wooden spoon at first and once mixture thickens use your hands to finish.

Mix until you get the proper consistency of soft candy. Needs to be tight enough to stay in the first hole of the cage that been dipped in paraffin.

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