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Nuc Kit

Model #: 6600, 6610

Every beekeeper should have a nuc. The term "nuc" is short for nucleus colony. A nucleus colony is a small colony with a few thousand bees and a queen. Nuc boxes have multiple uses! You can use nuc boxes to raise your own queens. You may need to re-queen at times when queens are not available to you. You will have one on hold and ready to go. Nucs are also used for swarming. You can catch a swarm in a nuc box or remove bees from on oversized colony to prevent swarming. In addition, buying a nuc gives you a head start on a colony compared to buying packaged bees. 


  • Assembled Solid Bottom Board
  • Unassembled Deep/Medium Nuc Box
  • Assembled Migratory Cover
  • Entrance Reducer

 Nails are not included.

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