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Top Bar Hive

Model #: 357

Top bar hives have been around for centuries, developed in Greece, these were once made from woven pots with sticks laid across the top. They have since been modernized and feature many advantages. Top bar hives require no heavy lifting and no extra equipment, such as supers, foundation, extractors, or tools. The unique design of the sloping walls allows the comb to be built in a manageable size and discourages bees from building comb attachment to the walls. Best of all, harvesting is easy! Simply cut off the comb leaving approx.  1/2" for the bees to rebuild. This unit comes with 20 foundationless top bars, 21 comb guides, and 1 follower board. **BULK PACKAGES ARE SUBJECT TO DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT WHEN SHIPPING, COSTS MAY BE HIGHER THAN ESTIMATED. Shipping costs ranges from $50 to $75 or more depending on shipping zone. Note: Check out the Top Bar Hive DVD for instructions in our Books Category.

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