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Kentucky Special

Model #: KS, KSM-Z, KSM-8-Z, KS-Z, KS-Z-8, KSM, KSM-8, KS-8

Kelley's offers the perfect hive kit for the beekeeper that's looking to expand. Our Kentucky Special is available in either 10 or 8 frame and comes equipped with a screened bottom board with entrance reducer, 2 deep hive body boxes, 2 medium OR shallow honey supers, 40 frames of your choice (32 with 8 frame equipment), 100% bees wax or plastic foundation (depending on your choice of frame style), 40 support pins (with N style frames only), wooden inner cover, telescoping plastic outer cover (wooden with 8 frame equipment), and a plastic Boardman entrance feeder  w/ a punched feeder cap that will fit a standard quart jar. Available unassembled with nails and assembly instructions or assembled for an additional charge. 

Click here to view the differences in frame styles.


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