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Kentucky Special

Model #: KS, KSM-Z, KSM-8-Z, KS-Z, KS-Z-8, KSM, KSM-8, KS-8

Kelley's offers the perfect hive kit for the beekeeper that's looking to expand. Our Kentucky Special is available in either 10 or 8 frame and comes equipped with a screened bottom board with entrance reducer, 2 deep hive body boxes, 2 medium OR shallow honey supers, 40 frames of your choice (32 with 8 frame equipment), 100% bees wax or plastic foundation (depending on your choice of frame style), 40 support pins (with N style frames only), wooden inner cover, telescoping plastic outer cover (wooden with 8 frame equipment), and a plastic Boardman entrance feeder  w/ a punched feeder cap that will fit a standard quart jar. Available unassembled with nails and assembly instructions or assembled for an additional charge. 


Click here to view the differences in frame styles.

Note: Wax becomes brittle during freezing weather and may be held for unfavorable weather conditions. We cannot ship wax below 32 degrees. Wax items may be held until April 1st, 2017, depending on daily temperatures. Please call with inquiries for shipping details. 




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