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Complete Hive with Solid Bottom Board and Wood and Metal Outer Cover

Model #: 1-NWA, 1-DWA, 1-SWA, 1-SGWA, 1-SGXWA

Choose your basic complete hive, you can choose the hive the suits you. Choices include bottom board, frames style and cover. Offering 8-frame and cypress complete kits also. Nails and assembly instructions are included (hives are available assembled also) with 5/8" rabbets. Upholding the high standards for quality woodenware, all of our boxes are manufactured with white pine at our Clarkson, KY plant. Foundations is now included in your kits so be sure not to order it seperately. 

All Complete Kits come with WAX foundation, Plastic foundation is not included. 

Choose the preferred frame style. You also have the option to have the hive assembled. PAINTING IS NOW AVAILABLE!

This kit includes:

  • Solid Bottom Board with Entrance Reducer
  • Hive Body
  • 10 Frames
  • Wooden Inner Cover
  • Wooden Outer Cover

**Foundation INCLUDED****

 Click here to view the differences in frame styles.

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