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Medium (Illinois) Supers

Model #: 38A, 38CGA, 38A-8, 38CGA-8

Our medium (Illinois) supers are precision milled  with uniform interlocking finger joints for strength, pre-drilled holes for nails to prevent splitting during assembly, and our handholds are taper cut for an easy grip. Nails are included, except with skids of 50. Offered in either 10 (19 13/16" x 16 1/4" x 6 5/8") or 8 frame (19 13/16" x 13 13/16" x 6 5/8"). Order frames and foundation separately.


Choose between:

PINE: Our woodenware is manufactured from hand selected grade A Eastern White Pine.

COMMERCIAL GRADE: Our commercial grade woodenware is manufactured from Eastern White Pine. These boxes have some tight knots and blemishes, but the workmanship and fit are still first quality. 

CYPRESS: Sustain the life of your hives with our beautiful cypress boxes. A naturally occurring preservative called cypressene is produced in cypress heartwood, making it resistant to insects, rot, decay, and other damaging elements. 

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