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Foundation for Shallow Frames

Model #: 123, 138, 102, 130, 523, P523, 129, 101, 137, 132WH, 132, 123-PD

ATTN: As of October 1st, 2015 price of beeswax foundation has increased due to the escalating price of Raw Bees Wax.

Our wax is 100% Pure Beeswax molded to fit perfectly into each individual shallow frame. Choose your preferred style of frame and the number of sheets you need. You also have the option of the type of wax you prefer; wired with hook, wired with No Hook, plain (no wire), thin (comb honey), or 7/11 milled.      

Note: Wax becomes brittle during freezing weather and may be held for unfavorable weather conditions. We cannot ship wax below 32 degrees. Wax items may be held until April 1st, 2017, depending on daily temperatures. Please call with inquiries for shipping details. 


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