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Deluxe Beginner Outfit

Model #: 365-DE, 365-FE, 365-NE, 365-SE, 365-SGE

If you’re in need of a complete package to get you started in beekeeping, this is the kit for you! Kelley’s Deluxe Beginners Outfit is available in either 10 or 8 frame and includes a screened bottom board with entrance reducer, 2 deep hive body boxes, your choice of either medium or shallow honey supers, 40 frames of choice (32 with 8 frame equipment) & 100% bees wax or plastic foundation (depending on your choice of frame style), 20 support pins (with N style frames only), wooden inner cover, telescoping plastic outer cover (wooden with 8 frame equipment), and a plastic Boardman entrance feeder w/ a punched feeder cap that will fit a standard quart jar. The kit also includes basic beekeeping tools such as a hive tool, smoker w/ 1 lb of untreated burlap for smoker fuel, & bee brush. You’ll also receive a 100% cotton pull over jacket with an attached zipper veil, a plastic pith helmet and a pair of goatskin gloves. We also include two instructional beekeeping books, "How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey" by Walter T. Kelley. This kit is our most popular beginner’s kit and is everything you need to get you through your first year of beekeeping and beyond. Available unassembled with nails and assembly instructions or assembled for an additional charge. 

 Click here to view the differences in frame styles.

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