All Medium Kentucky Special Kit - 8 Frame - Painted

All Medium Kentucky Special Kit - 8 Frame - Painted

Model #: HK-551

Product Description

Want to keep all your equipment standardized? Kelley offers the perfect hive kit for the beekeeper who's tired of wondering what size frames or foundation to purchase.

    This assembled hive includes:
  • 4 Painted 8-frame medium supers
  • 32 MAX WAX assembled meidum frames with natural rite-cell premium foundation 
  • Painted screened bottom board with entrance reducer
  • Wooden inner cover
  • Painted wooden telescoping cover
  • Plastic Boardman entrance feeder w/punched feeder cap (fits a standard quart jar)

Note: Bees and other supplies must be purchased separately.

Note: Wax becomes brittle during freezing weather and may be held for unfavorable weather conditions. We cannot ship wax below 32 degrees. Please call with inquiries for shipping details.