Instrumental Insemination Classes with Susan Cobey

Instrumental Insemination Classes with Susan Cobey

July & Aug.  2014

Specialized Classes 

Susan Cobey is offering specialized instrumental insemination classes on Whidbey Island, WA., a ferry ride north of Seattle.  Small classes, 1 to 3 people, are being scheduled in July and August. These intensive classes provide individual attention designed to address your specific needs at all levels, including advanced classes to increase efficiency and trouble shoot.  An on-site breeding apiary is present to demonstrate queen and drone management. Please inquire for details and to book dates. Contact:,   Message  530 554 2527 


For researchers and beekeepers running a breeding program or research project requiring controlled mating.  A strong background in beekeeping and queen rearing is required. Please bring your own instrument.  Instrument rental and purchase is available with prior arrangement. Note - there is no instrument standardization, so please inquire for an evaluation and/or upgrade on equipment to suit your needs.  Microscopes and lights will be available for use. Virgin queens and Drones will be supplied.


An acknowledged international authority in the field of honey bees, Cobey has over 30 years experience of perfecting and teaching the specialized technique of instrumental insemination. She maintains the New World Carniolan Closed Population Breeding Program, now in its 32rd generation. Cobey has developed an independent research program focused on post-insemination maintenance of queens and the selection of behavioral traits at the colony level. Currently, she coordinates the Washington State University collaborative stock improvement and maintenance program partnering with the California queen producers. A focus of this program is the incorporation of germplasm collected from Old World European honey bees into domestic breeding stocks to enhance U.S. honey bees. This project includes the establishment of a germplasm repository at WSU. Cobey is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, presents her work internationally at numerous conferences and seminars, and publishes extensively in trade journals and professional peer reviewed publications. Her background includes managing several bee research labs including University of California, Davis and Ohio State University. She has also worked at the USDA Honey Bee Lab., Baton Rouge and is currently at WSU part time.  Cobey also has worked in commercial queen production in FL. and CA., and founded and operated a queen production business, Vaca Valley Apiaries, in northern California.


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