2013 Tennessee Beekeepers Association Conference

 The conference will be September 27 & September 28 at the Hyder -Burks Agricultural Pavilion in Cookeville TN.   The board meeting will be on Thursday evening, September 26.   It should be warm enough to conduct some “in-the-hive classes” in the apiary.  Classroom topics will range from the very latest state and national issues, beginner interest, hive health, best beekeeping practices, by-products of the hive, and a whole lot more.  We hope to incorporate more hands-on demonstration classes.  We expect a large variety of vendors and beekeeping products.  Click here for directions to Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion

Tentative Program – Click here to download (PDF format). Subject to change

Click here to download your conference registration now. Print extra copies and take them to your local bee meetings! (Click here for vendor registration)

Click here for hotel options in Cookeville. Be sure to ask for the Tennessee Beekeepers Association rate when you call to make reservations. For camping reservations please contact Rusty at Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion at 931-372-6767.

Our “Opening Main Speaker“ will be Dr. Clarence Collison, retired State Apiarist of Mississippi.

Frank Drummond of the University of Maine will be a guest speaker also.  Click here to read  about one of Frank’s research projects on pollination of blueberries.

Another confirmed speaker, Jerry Hayes.  Many are familiar with Jerry’s column in American Bee Journal for over 30 years: “The Classroom”.

Other committed speakers are:

  • Sue Dickhaus: Products of the hive
  • Jim Garrison: Nectar and pollen sources
  • Dr. Fred Hossler: Anatomy of honeybees 3D
  • Richard Underhill: Owner of Peace Bee Farm in Proctor, Arkansas
  • Dennis Barry: Swarm removal from structures
  • Jerry Freeman: Queen cell punch

A TBA favorite, noted KY apiarian Kent Williams will be there as well as former KY State Apiarist Phil Craft.  Phil has given permission to local associations to use his writings in their newsletters, please credit his webpage www.philcrafthivecraft.com.

We welcome TN State Apiarist Mike Studer and Dr. John Skinner, Professor of Entomology at UT!

The George Debusk Honey Show - Myrtle Evans will serve as the director of the honey show.    Dr. Jim Garrison will be our honey judge this year.  Sandra Garrison will serve as wax judge. Click here to download the honey show rules.

The silent auction brought in over $1,000 last year.  I to remind all associations to donate at least one item per association.   I want to thank all the associations who donated items to last year’s auction.  We had a large assortment of items.

The TBA Honey Exchange will be conducted again. Bring one or more labeled jars of your honey for the honey exchange display.  Near the end of the conference your will get the opportunity to choose a jar from another part of the state to take back home. Click here to see complete guidelines.

Hospitality Dinner – Friday night, September 27 at Hyder-Burks Ag Pavilion.   This will be catered by TN Tech catering staff and will be a buffet.  Members will need to pre-register and pre pay for the dinner on the conference registration form.

New interest in beekeeping is growing every year and TBA membership is continuing to grow, the quality of presenters and the range of topics, great vendors, central location and the promotion of the event thru your associations, we are very hopeful that this will be another great state convention.


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