Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Model #: HP103, HP104

Product Description

If you're looking for a smooth, even stream of honey, look no further! Kelley's lever ball valve features a brass body with a stainless steel ball to create a continuous stream, and it's topped off with a Teflon seal to assure long-lasting service. It comes threaded with CVPC fittings so that you can connect it to a flange on your tank. These fittings are the same size as the valve. 1" valve has a 3/4" opening. 2" valve has a 1-1/2" opening.

  • 2-in. brass lever ball valve
  • Has a stainless steel ball for smooth stream of honey
  • Includes Teflon seal for long-lasting service
  • Comes threaded with CVPC fittings so you can connect it to the flange on your tank