Basic Beginner Outfit - 8-Frame Hive, D Style, Assembled, Painted

Basic Beginner Outfit - 8-Frame Hive, D Style, Assembled, Painted

Model #: PT365-D-8Z

Product Description

From cover to foundation, this outfit has all of the basics you need to begin your beekeeping journey. When you order one of our Basic Beginner Outfits, you get to choose what you want in your perfect hive, without having to buy each piece separately.

Your choices for this outfit include 8-frame or 10-frame; frame style; and whether it comes assembled or unassembled. This particular kit is just one combination of these choices. Check out our other Basic Beginner Outfits for more options.

    This assembled outfit includes:
  • 8-frame deep hive body with 8 pre-installed D style frames
  • Wax foundation
  • Screened bottom board with entrance reducer
  • Wooden inner cover
  • Wooden outer cover
  • Plastic Boardman entrance feeder w/punched feeder cap (fits a standard quart jar)
  • Hive tool
  • Smoker
  • Protective clothing (goatskin gloves, round veil, and plastic pith helmet)
  • How to Keep Bees and Sell Honey by Walter T. Kelley
  • Painted exterior

Crafted from Select grade eastern white pine, the highest quality eastern white pine available. It has the least amount of imperfections allowed, and offers maximum strength and the smoothest look. Manufactured at our plant in Clarkson, KY.

Note: Bees and other supplies must be purchased separately.

Note: Wax becomes brittle during freezing weather and may be held for unfavorable weather conditions. We cannot ship wax below 32 degrees. Wax items may be held until April 1st, 2017, depending on daily temperatures. Please call with inquiries for shipping details.

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