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Bee Funnel

Bee Funnel

Model #: HD719

Product Description

Tapping and shaking aren't the only way to get bees from a package into a new hive. The Bee Funnel is perfect for getting your bees into a new hive with minimal stress and effort! Simply strap the Bee Funnel onto the hive, set your package in the funnel, and let the bees set their own pace for entering the new hive.

Note: Make sure that you've introduced your queen first.

  • Easy to put together and use
  • Non-invasive simply secure it against the hive with Velcro straps and remove it when done
  • Reduces stress on the colony by allowing bees to take their time moving into the new hive
  • Channels the bees directly into the hive, meaning less bees in the air
  • Can be removed, stored flat, and reused