7700 - Bee Health Kit

7700 - Bee Health Kit

Model #: 94-478

Product Description

If you're a newbee or are unsure of what you need to keep your bees healthy, this bee health kit is an easy and convenient way to get the basic and necessary products you need. Instructions for each product are included in the kit. If you would like more information before purchasing, see our product descriptions for each item in our online catalog.

    This bee health kit includes:
  • 2-pack Mite-Away Quick Strips (a biopesticide used to control varroa)
  • 0.5 gram Fumagilin B (used for the treatment and prevention of nosema)
  • 8 oz. Honey-B-Healthy (feeding stimulant that boosts your colony's health)
  • 50-g. pack of menthol (used for treatment of tracheal mites)
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Measuring spoon
  • Beehive log