10 Frame Beetle Baffle

10 Frame Beetle Baffle

Model #: DC870

Product Description

Keep beetles out of your hive with the Beetle Baffle! It's a highly effective barrier system that attaches to your current hive body and works to allow bees in, and keep hive beetles out! It forms a downward-facing ledge that bees can easily cross, but beetles can't. It's easy to install - place the Beetle Baffle where your standard bottom board meets the brood box resting on top it. We recommend using with our Beetle Baffle Cleat (Item No. DC-870) for a secure installation. Cleats sold separately.

  • A highly effective barrier against small hive beetles
  • Fits between your standard-sized bottom board and brood box
  • Creates a downward-facing ledge that bees can cross, but the SHB cannot
  • Easy installation
  • Cleats for installation sold separately
  • Compatible with 10-Frame hive only