Feeding Bees in the Spring

March 2, 2012 | Michael Bush | Healthy Bees

By Michael Bush Editor’s Note: Michael Bush, a well-known beekeeper, researcher and spokesperson, provided us with some of his extensive writings. We’re delighted to share excerpts here; thank you Michael! Spring for the beekeeper starts at the blooming of the maples. This is when the bees start Read more >

Dead Outs

February 28, 2012 | Healthy Bees

One of the realities of keeping bees is losing the occasional hive. Through sound beekeeping practices we can minimize these losses— Read more >

Why Do I Keep Bees?

February 1, 2012 | Dronings From A Queen Bee

My son dates a fabulous young woman from “the other side of the tracks.” The people on “our side of the tracks” are farmers, engineers, and other laborers. Read more >

Thank You for Helping Us Make a Difference

February 1, 2012 | Bee Cause

Your bees need food and shelter, and we at The Walter T. Kelley Company are honored that you turn to us to for such essentials. We work hard to provide quality equipment and products at competitive prices. Because of your loyalty, and to continue a key principle of the late Walter T. Kelley’s, we Read more >