Clarkson Honeyfest

The annual Clarkson Honeyfest was named for the Walter T. Kelley Company, which is now known as Kelley Beekeeping Company. For the last 23 years, the entire city has celebrated by decorating homes and businesses, lawns and storefronts. Light poles

Kelley Beekeeping launch updated, easier-to-use website

Clarkson, KY – August 17, 2017: Kelley Beekeeping announces the launch of its newly redesigned website. “Our team has been hard at work updating the website and adding a lot of great new functionality, with our customers in mind,” says

How to Extract Honey – for Newbees

When it comes to beekeeping, many new beekeepers have questions, specifically about honey.  One question we hear most is, “When will I get honey and what do I need to extract it from the hive?” Usually, you won’t get honey your

Comb Honey Production

Prior to the introduction of the removable frame (Langstroth hive design), comb honey was the choice way to consume honey. Comb honey is honey just as the bees made it. It is in its most natural state and many people

Biological Control of the Small Hive Beetle

By Ol’ Drone Among the many diseases and parasites that pose health problems for honeybees, the small hive beetle (SHB) is unique and presents control challenges. Most other pests can be treated while they are residing and breeding within the

One Thing Two Experts Wish Newbees Knew

By Camilla Bee On the eve before Kelley’s Field Day back in 2012, I had the privilege of hanging outside the hive with Michael Bush. For any newbees unfamiliar with his name, he’s one of the leading voices for natural,