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Varroa Mites Monitoring and Control

Monitoring mites is on most beekeepers’ minds. So we’ve come up with a few simple ways to manage and monitor the varroa mite population in your hive. A screened bottom board is a great piece of equipment to have in your

All About Healthy Bees

“Okay, all you girls out to the landing board for wing-ups and pollen basket stretching! We are also going to groom well afterwards and dislodge these pesky Varroa mites.” Obviously we can’t put our bees through this regimen but there

Honey Harvesting Tools- Uncapping

Honey jars

As I walk out to the hives and see the boxes stacked; I start to get a little excited about what is to come. It’s honey harvesting time! When you’re ready to harvest, it’s a good idea to make sure

Everything You Need to Know About Raising Queens

If you’ve ever considered raising your own queens, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about how to raise queens yourself. We think that the next logical step for the serious beekeeper is to

Why Do I Need a Double Screen?

What is a double screen? A double screen is just what its name implies, two screens divided with a wooden frame in between. Double screens are useful for swarm prevention and creating a cell-building unit above a queen-right hive when

Bearding: are my bees going to swarm?

Summer is officially here and it’s HOT. If you’re noticing your bees all clustered on the front of the hive, you might have a few questions like, what are they doing? Are they going to swarm? Do I need to

Keeping the Swarm

Honey bee swarm in a tree

Capturing a swarm is more than half the fun; keeping it once you bring it home is another challenge. A customer wrote in saying they wish they had known more about how to catch and keep swarms, saying they have

Beginning Beekeeping – Hive Inspections & Diseases

dead bee with tongue sticking out

Attending local beekeeping meetings, I notice there is rarely any mention of honey bee diseases or mites. Many ailments affect the honey bee, but the highly infectious American Foulbrood is at the top of the list. AFB is an unknown

All About Wax Moths

We often get questions on wax moths…what a wax moth is, the damage they can cause, how to detect them and what to look for, and how to prevent and treat for them. Here is some basic, but important information

Thinking About Keeping Bees? Part 3: Preparing for Your Bees

This is the third article in our series, Thinking About Keeping Bees. Read Part 1 and Part 2 here. This month we’ll cover preparing the apiary and final preparation for your bees’ arrival. Preparing the Apiary We’re assuming you’ve got